About Us

Our Mission

Amantoli means 'artisanal' in Nahuatl, a language spoken for millions of years in my home country of Mexico.

Amantoli's mission is to elevate and support the beautiful work of our talented Mexican artisans by making it readily available to communities who do not normally have the access to enjoying it. We work directly with the artisans, supporting a fair trade and sustainable conditions.

We feature a gorgeous Home collection handmade by our Master artisans in  Oaxaca, Mexico, that are guaranteed to add life and beauty to your home.

Our unique handbag collection is handwoven by our talented artisans in Mexico. They're handmade of low density polyethylene, which is a soft, flexible, lightweight and durable recycled plastic material.

I hope our pieces bring as much joy into your life as they do to mine.

Amantoli is Culture and Goodwill.

With love,