Eco-Conscious Fashion

Bring a unique flare to your daily wardrobe with our sustainable and eco-friendly handcrafted handbags made with 100% recycled plastic thread. It is soft, flexible, lightweight and durable. Choose from our fully lined or unlined styles!

These pieces are beautifully handwoven in Mexico by our talented inmate artisans.

Thank you for supporting us, them and their families.

Together we can help creating sustainable jobs for our artisans!

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Amantoli Home Collection

Complement any look

Amantoli Handbags / Eco & Sustainable Fashion

Beautiful and unique handbags, handwoven in Mexico by our talented inmate artisans in the process of reintegration into society.

They are handmade with 100 % recycled plastic thread , it is soft, flexible, lightweight and durable.

Beach Paradise

Our gorgeous X-Large Tote Bags are the best companion to the beach,picnics,wineries. It is just the best unique look for your everyday life.

Crossbody Clutch

Our New Collection of Crossbodys is here! Handmade with 100% recycled plastic thread by our talented artisans in Mexico.

Large Crossbody

So Gorgeous! and the new colors are perfect for your everyday life.

Take it to work, carry your Laptop and everything you need.

Soft, resistent and durable.


Small Crossbody


Our beautifull Fall colors and combined with these colorful pompons,add an elegant and unique look.

New Fully Lined Champagne Collection

Beautifully lined with an elegant water resistant fabric with 2 pockets inside. Easy to clean.

Fully Lined Tote Bags

NEW Amantoli Collection Leather Accents and Handles

Crema Triple Weave Handbag With Camel Real Leather Handles

Triple Weave Black Handbag Real Leather Handles

New Medium Crossbody Bags wit Real Leather Closing Strap

New Crema Crossbody With Camel Leather Strap

New Medium Black Crossbody ith Real Leather Black Strap

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